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Basic raw materials which are used in the production process are: polyester resins, gelcoats, glass fibres, fillers (quartz sand, etc.) catalysts, accelerators, rubber gaskets, etc.

The certificates or Reports on raw materials testing are received from the suppliers upon purchasing the materials.

The raw materials controlling and testing procedure according to which the conformity of raw meterials to the prescribed specification is done according to:

•   Control plans
•   Technical conditions
•   Standards

Raw materials’ properties are tested and controlled according to the prescribed standards, such as:

Polyester resins and gelcoats

Viscosity EN ISO 2555
Geltime EN ISO 2535
Density EN ISO 2811
Acid number EN ISO 2114
SPI Test EN ISO 584
Styrene content EN ISO 3251

Glass fibres

Linear density EN ISO 1889
Moisture content EN ISO 3344
Tensile strength and reduction factor ISO 3268 OC R 110
Loss on ignition EN ISO 1887
Glass type EN ISO 2078

Quartz sand

Carbonate content OC R115
Humidity OC R114
Loss on ignition OC R112
Wet out time OC R116
Granulation ASTM E 11

Catalysts and accelerator

Viscosity EN ISO 2555
Geltime EN ISO 2535
SPI Test EN ISO 584
Water content OC R 111

Rubber gaskets for couplings are tested according to EN 681-1. What is tested is dimensions, hardness, and visual appearance.